The music of The Beatles gets back to where it all begun: New Orleans!

We play: Ragtime numbers …'When I'm Sixty four', Swing and jump songs of the thirties….. 'Honey Pie', 'Lady Madonna', 'Her Majesty', Romantic pop ballads…. 'Girl', 'Yesterday', 'Nowhere Man', 'Something','Here, there and everywhere',  Nursery rhymes….. 'All together now', 'Yellow Submarine', Variations of the Blues….. 'Why don't we do it in the road', 'I feel fine', 'A Hard Day's Night', 'One after 909','Get back', and other music by all four Beatles "beyond category" - even Ringo is represented with 'Octopus's garden' and 'Don't pass me by'.

The Abbey Road Dixie band has the typical frontline of New Orleans - trumpet, clarinet and trombone, backed up by banjo and sousaphone.

Abbey Road Dixie Band

Great tunes from the Beatles given a “new” New Orleans treatment to bring them alive again! …..“to where they once belonged” the road!!

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