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Michele Makarovic

Michele Makarovic This musician has got more diplomas in things you blow than you’ve had hot dinners. However, he does admits his age – Grosseto class of 1965 and he’s also played in public lots of times - which has made him human. He spends a lot of time now terrorizing youngsters into how to play trumpet and trombone at the same time but with the Abbey Road Dixie Band he’s got the easier job of playing just trumpet - which we think he can play - a bit.

Silvio Bernardi

Silvio Bernardi Believe us – has had a serious musical education, played with lots of good orchestras and bands, none of which you have ever heard, and is great on the trombone at Classical, Latin, Jazz and every other music in between. He is, however, worse than useless on violin. Luckily for you he will play trombone and has fallen in love with the Beatles due to the pressure of money. He is yours as the best trombone player in the Abbey Road Dixie Band!

Klaus Lessmann

Klaus Lessman Klaus Lessmann was born in Burghausen (which is not near Siena) in 1961, but after being extensively and painfully educated with a clarinet in Graz moved in with Siena Jazz in 1990 and has stayed ever since doing everything that a talented musician can legally do. You name a quirky tune with potential, and Klaus has arranged and directed it successfully in small Jazz groups or big bands. He is to be held entirely responsible for all the arrangements of Abbey Road Dixie Band and any intervention made by the clarinettist!

Andrea Lupi

Andrea Lupi Born in 1961 already with a french horn in his hands, his CV can be described as too INTENSE for comfort. After playing with everyone who is anyone and musically directing everybody else to success, thank goodness for us he switched to Banjo because the Abbey Road Dixie Band is already full of horn players. From his CV he has to be pretty good – listen and let him know.

Mirko Sonetti

Mirko Sonetti Mirko Sonetti demonstrated a precocious ability, already at the age of 4, when his parents witnessed his deep seated - both ends - musical talent, especially the ability to start with bass notes and finish in the higher register. The mark of a true - natural talent! Between 1968 and 1996 Mirko blew his french horn, beautifully, through lots of musical formations none of which you have any interest in…until one fine day, after hearing a concert of a REAL horn player, the idea came – he saw the light – thread an electric wire through the instrument and fix a light bulb at one end to make a splendid lamp. And that is how the horn has remained. Eventually, Andrea Lupi cleverly convinced him to use his musical genius - get into a Sousaphone - and play Dixieland. All this has ably prepared Mirko to lend his enduring ”windy” talents to the Beatles and the Abbey Road Dixie Band!